„Woman on a cube“

Kosta Angeli Radovani


“WOMAN ON A CUBE”, Kosta Angeli Radovani (SFRY/Croatia), 1967

In his artistic work,Kosta Angeli Radovani,an academician, insists on continuity, life, human and artistic essence, developing the representation of the human figure as the basic motif. He is one of the artists who did not accept the ruling tendency of abstraction.

Radovani’s sculpture implies  the emphasized modernistic construction, like an architectural whole composed of sculpted parts. The acts of women and girls sitting on a cube in the basic postures show that everything has been transformed into an unequivocally independent sculptural form – head, shoulders, arms, chest, legs. The human figure becomes a broken and difficult-to-assemble archeological puppet and an idol that warns of the alienation of a modern man. Working in a modernist framework, Radovani was completely dedicated to the research of material and form.

The sculpture “Woman on a cube”, created in 1967 at the Symposium “White Venčac”, is one in a series of Radovani’s woman on a cube acts that confirms the artist’s consistency with his own being and modernistic expression.

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From the archive

Детаљ са изложбе Косте Ангели Радованиа, Аранђеловац, 1977.
(извор: Народни музеј, Аранђеловац)
(извор: приватна архива Слободана Недељковића)
Коста Ангели Радовани, 1967.
(извор: каталог изложбе Коста Ангели Радовани, Салон МСУБ, Београд, 1967.)


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