Nikola Kolja Milunović


“HORSEMAN”, Nikola Kolja Milunović,(SFRY/Serbia), 1967

Nikola Kolja Milunović belongs to the group of sculptors who were the protagonists of the sculptural modernist scene in the 1960s. As someone who had inclinations towards archeology and architecture, Kolja Milunović considered himself an open space sculptor.

The sculpture “Horseman”, created in 1967 at the Symposium “White Venčac”, belongs to his early work, when he made figurative performances based on Greek Archaic art. Kolja said that those first works were “full in shape, directed towards space and with a certain associative meaning”.

With the departure from figurative, from the 1980s, Milunović began a new creative phase by making sculptures and drawings of ships. “I am interested in only one sculpture: the one that a person leaves behind as a sign that he was there,” said Kolja Milunović.

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