„Thinking woman“

Ksenija Ljubibratić


“THINKING WOMAN”, Ksenija Ljubibratić (SFRY/Serbia), 1967

After finishing her studies and after her first solo exhibition in Belgrade in 1959, Ksenija Ljubibratić went to Paris and she spent her whole life in France, actively creating. She was a member of the association “The Circle of Bourdelle’s friends”, which clearly shows her role models and starting points in further artistic development.

She is recognizable for making figurative sculptures, in the early period strong, massive sculptures in stone, such as the “Thinking Woman” from 1967. This work is characterized by an emphasized tendency towards the line, full compact form and swollen shapes.

Later, the artist sculpts fragile, graceful acts in motion in which the critics could read the message about fragile but at the same time combative and strong humanity.

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