„Shape of space“

Ivan Kožarić


“SHAPE OF SPACE”, Ivan Kožarić (SFRY/Croatia), 1967

In his fruitful hundred-year life and artistic work, Ivan Kožarić went through numerous creative phases and left an opus that is highly valued. Along with the changes in contemporary sculpture in the second half of the 20th century, Kožarić embarked on an adventure of artistic activity free of any frames.

The sculpture “Shape of Space” was created at the Symposium“White Venčac“in 1967. In  modernistic framework, Kožarić examines the possibilities of representing fullness and emptiness, and identifies the term “shape of space” with “free” sculpture, independent of any connection with the material world. Space is understood as a void, as a distance between forms and objects; it becomes a concrete mass that participates in the construction of a certain form.

Describing these works, Kožarić stated that “it is about shaping something spiritual, intangible, inexperienced, free from the insignificance of the material”.



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