Giancarlo Sangregorio


“GENESIS”, Giancarlo Sangregorio (Italy), 1967

Italian sculptor Giancarlo Sangregorio is a big name on the world art scene during the second half of the 20th century. In addition to the “primitive cultures” of Africa and Oceania, the artist has always been attracted by the nature and his sculpture has been robustly processed in an effort to show the natural beauty of stone and its primordial strength.

The work of art “Genesis”, created in 1967, belongs to the period of the artist’s research of abstract forms. This sculpture is one of the many monumental works set in open field that made Sangregoriо famous as a sculptor. According to him, to sculpt  means to release the form from the weight and contribute to its “ascention”.

Working within  modernistic framework,the artist said about these works that, by merging“ space and time, he sought the fifth dimension” outside of statics and outside of gravity, trying to unite different forms and materials in free space.

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