Matija Vuković


“NJEGOŠ”, Matija Vuković (SFRY/Serbia), 1966

Matija Vuković is one of the most authentic artists in Yugoslav and Serbian sculpture in the second half of the 20th century. In his creative work, he tried to achieve emotional and ideological unity, to synthesize form and content in his own characteristic, expressionist way, to express disintegration that accompanies the life of a modern man.

The sculpture “Njegoš” was made in marble in 1966 at the first Symposium “White Venčac”, according to the same sculpture made in plaster in 1955.In Vuković’s opinion, Njegoš is the embodiment of suffering, pain, loneliness… Sculpting, he wanted to express,in the face and the movement of the great poet,his poetics, thought, nationality, his connection with the land, his sharp spirit of a highlander.While creating the sculpture at the workshop on Venčac, the artist spoke as follows: “He constantly fought with himself. He is a dramatic person, not just beauty. What bothered him is a big secret… What you see now is not a monument, these are my completely free, unconventional sculptural meditations about the poet of ’The Mountain Wreath’”.

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