„Seated woman“

Shoshana Heimann


“SEATED WOMAN”, Shoshana Heimann (Israel), 1966

In the artistic work of Israeli sculptor Shoshana Heimann, the main theme for a long time was the human figure, most often shown in a sitting position. The sculpture “Seated Woman”, created at the first convocation of the Symposium “White Venčac” in 1966, has a mythical connection with the ancient civilization of the Middle East cultures. The basis of the idea of ​​this work of art is in the ideology of the Canaanite movement, which was led by a small group of writers and poets, and their views were visualized by artists like Shoshana Heimann. Working within the framework of modernism, she found the ideological starting point in archaic forms, not dealing with the psychological contents and personality elements of the figures she created. While working on her sculpture at the workshop of ”White Venčac”, as a participant in the Symposium in 1966, Shoshana Heimann said that she wanted to make a “pure” sculpture, but that she would not talk about it at the time it was being created. The artist did not create this work according to a plaster model, but directly carving in stone.

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