Mira Jurišić Krković


“PRESENCE”, Mira Jurišić Krković (SFRY/Serbia), 1966

As a child, Mira Jurišić was not spared gloomy images of war suffering that were deeply etched in her memory.The sculptor is famous for her strong artistic determination against inhumane, destructive and malignant, as well as her nostalgia for beauty, harmony and peace. The work of this artist is not abstract, but belongs to the world of a particular associative form, on the border of the material world, between the visible and the premonition .Within the framework of modernism, Mira Jurišić researched the inner content of a work of art. Mira Jurišić spoke about the sculpture “Presence”, created in 1966 at the sculpture workshop on Venčac: “My sculpture will be called ’Presence’.It will be neither realistic nor abstract, but associative. That figure with tragic features will announce that an accident happened, that something terrible happened to a man. I really represent an exception here in the sense that I give such a meaning to my sculpture and that is a bit uncomfortable for me. Therefore, I will ask the organizers of the Symposium to place ’Presence’ somewhere in the back, in some hidden place in the park.” Her wish has been fulfilled.

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