Placement of the markers in Bukovička spa park

Placement of the markers/legends in Bukovička spa park has begun.

The markers/legends will be placed at 64 locations in the park near each sculpture. The other 14 will be on boards mounted on poles. The markers will give the visitors of Bukovička spa park the opportunity to easily find information about the sculptures and the sculptors by using a smartphone  camera.

Scanning the QR code on the marker via mobile phone will load a webpage for each sculpture individually. It will contain detailed information about the sculpture, such as the year it was created, the name and surname of the author, lifetime, as well as texts about the work of the artist.

In addition, there are contents from the archive that are the result of serious research work, as well as video contents exclusively recorded for the “open-air” Museum project.

By simply scanning the QR code, you will be able to easily access many multimedia contents about the sculptures in Bukovička spa park.